We now create our own jewelry.  All our designs are handmade in our workshop locally and are one of a kind pieces to suit all occasions and all weather types.  All made in the U.S.A.  It is of utmost importance that you receive a product that you are satisfied with and that's why we make it our duty to pay keen attention to every detail of our work so that you may love the final product.  

Custom made orders are welcome.  Please e-mail me directly at sarita@kazuridesigns.com and I will give you the approximate duration it will take for your order.

Kindly go to our "Catalog page" to make your jewelry purchases.

                 Crystal Girl

This classic necklace and earring set is designed for that special occasion to bring out the shine in you.  Made of silver plated chain and finished off with glass beads, crystal twisted oval beads and  a lovely crystal pendant only makes this collection all the more glamorous. 

Necklace size: 21"
Earrings: 2" long


        Green Aqua

This beautiful necklace and earring set is wonderfully designed in two amazing colors that compliment each other.  The pendant is a combination of both blue and green and all beads used are glass and silver-plated.

Necklace size: 18"
Earrings: 3" long

               Golden Sun

This amazing necklace and earring set is designed in beads with various shades of yellow.  Beads used in the making of this set are ceramic, glass, and metal (with glass).

Necklace size: 20"
Earrings: 3.5" long


This wonderful necklace and earring set is made of cinnamon colored glass beads together with stone and metal beads.   

Necklace size: 18.5"
Earrings: 2.3" long